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New single by MUCC, Yue ni matenrou, 2nd opening for Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo R!

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Photoshoot Part 1 (FTLY Episode 9)

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It’s okay, that’s love trailer

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Sorry for the Quality ^__^

ONE OK ROCK For Rockin’On Japan Magazine.

Yui-chan’s Scans ♥

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Mucc Blog Translations 


(Title: For Satochi sama)


Satochi, Happy Birthday!

From today on you count as an older brother for me, and Tatsuro too!

Because, usually once in a while you all of a sudden say “Let’s check Yukke’s blog!”, I wrote this blog thinking, that you will read it.


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This is kinda sad..

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Some.. choice.. dance moves ^_^

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